February was Awesome!

February was awesome!

I restarted this blog because I have a passion for working in jammies. In January, I reached out to a new friend to help me come up with content. We spent an hour on the phone and it was so helpful. I have a full content calendar now! When I look back at this month, I’m reminded that I can do this!

Reasons February Was Awesome

  1. New friends
  2. New confidence in myself
  3. I am ready for anything
  4. Working on new content each week
  5. Ready to monetize this blog and share amazing content with everyone!

I looked through the posts from this month and I am so proud! I am proud that I spent the time and energy to revive this blog and get more fun, practical info out there for male WFH bloggers. My favorite one from this month was What It’s Like Working from Home because it was a total blast to write. All my posts were fun, but I liked that one the best.

March is going to be another great month of blogging. Look for what I do to create content and even a few course reviews! I want this blog to be a haven for all bloggers, but mainly for men who work from home and blog about it! The best thing for me with this blog is that I can share all my information and thoughts with ya’ll! Look for a newsletter to go out soon too! I want to create a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter with some stuff I don’t always include on the blog because I have so much more info to share!

Be on the lookout for new and fun content for March! I am ready to rock this blog to the stratosphere in 2019 and I want you all there for the ride! Until next week, my blogging friends!

Call to Action: If you love blogging and haven’t started one yet, let me know in the comments and I can help you start!

Dealing with Stress as a Male Blogger

Dealing with stress as a male blogger isn’t easy. Yeah, we all have stress in our lives but working in your jammies is a whole new level.

How does one deal with that stress? Well, it’s not always easy. Today, I want to talk to you about how I deal with the stresses that come with trying to make money working in my pajamas. Buckle up, it’s gonna be fun!

For me, as a man who happens to blog, I get stressed out about a lot of things. I want to create great content. I’d love to have people read what I write. I want to make money. These are all great things but in the end, it stresses me the heck out! How do I handle this? I take it one piece at a time.

How I handle Dealing with Stress as a Male Blogger

  1. Realize I can’t do it all at once
  2. Take my top 3 goals and work them piece by piece
  3. Remember I am only one person and not everything will come quickly (not easy, trust me)
  4. Rely on other bloggers of both genders for help and to be sounding boards

That last way is so important for dealing with the stress of running your own blog. Find a community that supports your goals. There are a TON of them on Facebook. I recommend Blogging for New Bloggers on Facebook. I just joined and they are active and supportive 🙂 Also, try and find a fellow blogger you can befriend one on one. I have a female friend who blogs and she’s fabulous! For a man, it can be another guy. Encouragement and support are key!

Finally, when dealing with the stress of being a male blogger it’s important to remember you’re in charge of the content, look and feel of your blog. Make it conversational and fun. People want to see a male blogger talking about working from home in a relatable and fun way. Sometimes you have to ask for help. Do that! Don’t let male ego get in the way of your success!

Here’s last week’s entry on Where are the Male Bloggers? It was fun to write and I hope it gives you all the inspiration to be amazing!

Where Are the Male Bloggers?

Where are the male bloggers?

The short answer is, there are many. The longer answer is, there aren’t enough blogging about working from home!

Blogging tends to be a female field. Men do blog but not about how to be successful at it from home. This is where male bloggers like myself come in. I love blogging about something fun and also about something you can make money with if you do it right.

Why Men Should Blog About Working in Jammies

  1. It’s begging for a male voice
  2. Men have amazing contributions that can work hand in hand with women
  3. Untapped revenue for men

Why Men Don’t Blog about Working in Jammies

  1. Fear
  2. Not being sure it’s for men to blog about
  3. Gender bias (unintentional)
  4. The mistaken belief that they have nothing to say

When it comes to male bloggers, it’s important to remember that there’s always something to say. The best thing about this niche of blogging (working from home) is that it’s something many people want to do. Also, blogging can give men a different voice and therefore, others a new perspective.

As a male blogger myself, I struggle with what to write about. Sometimes I feel like I may not have anything to say. At least, that’s what I used to think. Now I know I have a LOT to say and I want to say it, especially about working in my jammies!

That’s the goal of this blog. I want to show that men can blog about something that is usually dominated by women. Both genders have something to say on the subject and that’s a wonderful thing! So, where are the male bloggers? Easy! They’re right here and ready to share their wisdom.

Here’s my challenge to all the men who read this. Do you work from home? Write about it! You have a lot to say!

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