February was Awesome!

February was awesome!

I restarted this blog because I have a passion for working in jammies. In January, I reached out to a new friend to help me come up with content. We spent an hour on the phone and it was so helpful. I have a full content calendar now! When I look back at this month, I’m reminded that I can do this!

Reasons February Was Awesome

  1. New friends
  2. New confidence in myself
  3. I am ready for anything
  4. Working on new content each week
  5. Ready to monetize this blog and share amazing content with everyone!

I looked through the posts from this month and I am so proud! I am proud that I spent the time and energy to revive this blog and get more fun, practical info out there for male WFH bloggers. My favorite one from this month was What It’s Like Working from Home because it was a total blast to write. All my posts were fun, but I liked that one the best.

March is going to be another great month of blogging. Look for what I do to create content and even a few course reviews! I want this blog to be a haven for all bloggers, but mainly for men who work from home and blog about it! The best thing for me with this blog is that I can share all my information and thoughts with ya’ll! Look for a newsletter to go out soon too! I want to create a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter with some stuff I don’t always include on the blog because I have so much more info to share!

Be on the lookout for new and fun content for March! I am ready to rock this blog to the stratosphere in 2019 and I want you all there for the ride! Until next week, my blogging friends!

Call to Action: If you love blogging and haven’t started one yet, let me know in the comments and I can help you start!