Working from Home-Corporation

Working from home is great! It’s even better when you can do it for a “traditional” employer. I recently took a new position that allows me to work from home at least one day a week, sometimes more. It has been a wonderful addition to my career for so many reasons.

Reasons I love working from home now:

  1. More flexibility
  2. I can stay in my PJs all day long
  3. I get more done
  4. My boss actually trusts me!

To give you all an idea of how this all fits into this blog, I’m literally working in my jammies for a company that I really enjoy and feel valued at. My boss trusts me to get things done while I’m home and I haven’t disappointed him. I just hope I can continue to do that.

Something that I want to touch on, just a bit is what it’s like to not have people to talk to when you’re working from home. I will talk about this more in a future post but after working from home for a bit, I think I can convey how I feel. To be completely honest, I miss the interaction with others that I get in the office. I am a social person so for me, it’s important to have that interaction as much as possible. As much as I love sitting here in my jammies, it’s important that I keep my work relationships and social activity intact. Some may struggle with this.

To finish up this post, I just want to say that I love working my traditional job from home. Does that mean I want to do it forever? Probably not. When I look at what I can accomplish at home, it makes me excited to know that I can do this, eventually. When looking at the big picture, it’s clear to me that I’m capable of and do enjoy working from home. 

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Illness and Working from Home

Illness and Working from Home.

I don’t like being sick. No one does!

It’s an unfortunate situation when you’re sick.

This is especially true if you work in an office like I do. The idea of calling out of a job, potentially not getting paid and then having to figure out how to make up for the lost income is frustrating! That’s where working from home can help! You can be as comfortable as you wish, all while doing work that you love!

I’m writing this today because I’m home sick from my office job and, to be honest, it stinks! I have my issues with my office job, believe me, and thankfully, I get paid sick time but it still upsets me to call out. Being someone who takes pride in their work, no matter what it is, I get frustrated when my health doesn’t cooperate.

If you’re ill and work from home, you know what I mean. Being sick stinks. If you’re able to still work your side business or freelance WFH business, that’s a good thing, right? Well, that it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re doing work that requires concentration, doing that work while ill may not be the best option.

If you’re doing simpler tasks like social media scheduling or simple forms of writing, I would suggest plowing through the illness as much as possible and getting it done. A good example is my current situation. Even though I’m ill, I took the time to update my business portfolio and now, I’m writing this blog entry. I’m not 100% but, like all good WFH people, I do what I can.

Illness and working from home is tough. There’s no getting around that. One must still balance illness with productivity. It’s a delicate balance but with practice, it can be cultivated!

I leave you with this. Being ill doesn’t mean you can’t rock your WFH business or blog! You’re the manager of your business…no one else!

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It’s an easy word to toss around when working from home. It’s more difficult to keep. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of issues around motivation. One day I’m all ready to rock the work from home world, the next I’m running scared. I don’t know what’s going on.

I’ve signed up for two online courses and have stalled out on both of them. Some of it has to do with timing as I do have a full-time job. The rest is all about motivation. I honestly don’t know where it went. I say this not to be a Donnie downer but to be real with you all. Motivation is tough to keep when you’re trying to build a work at home or in jammies business. I think that’s why the posts here on the blog have been sporadic, at best. When I think about what’s next, I think about the future. I want this blog to be a go-to for people who really want to work in their jammies.

So what can we all do to increase our motivation? That’s not an easy question to answer. For me, it’s going to mean scheduling posts. I want to start pre-writing posts for this blog and have them post a few times a month. It doesn’t take me long to whip up a post, so that should be easy. The problem comes with topics. This was an easy one for me because I’ve been struggling with it. Other topics may be tougher to come by.

Well, I think that will do it for this one. Hopefully, I’ve been able to inspire ya’ll and myself too!

Until next time!

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Remembering My Why

Remembering my why. It’s something I’ve been thinking about these last few months. Well, I was in the hospital recently and it made me remember.

My why is that if I work from home, I can recover easier and not worry about going back to an office! It’s as simple as that! During my recent hospital stay, I was not just reminded of it. It helped me to know I can still do this! Work in Jammies was started not as just a blog. It was started to promote a wonderful idea that has become even more popular in recent time.

The most important thing about remembering my why is that I can now continue to work towards it. I’m planning on posting more here and going forward. I will be able to devote more time to this amazing pursuit. When the wheel of fortune turns, one must ride with it lol.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting things about affiliate marketing, another direct sales entry, and an interview with my mom who works from home as a travel agent! Once I start rolling again, there will be no stopping me. I hope it inspires whoever reads this blog because it’s all about them too!

Keys to Remember Your Why

  1. Think about it
  2. Build your support system
  3. Go for it!

I’m waiting for the one I love to get home while writing this and I know I’ll be able to reinvent myself and this blog again! No more excuses of no time. I’m ready to take this blog to the next level. Stay tuned to see the amazing things that Working In Jammies has in store next! Personally, I find it quite comfortable!

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Working Through The Doubt

Working through the doubt.

That’s one of the toughest things to do when you want to work in your jammies. I’ve taken a month off of the blog simply because I needed to get my head around my own doubt. The thing is, guys, doubt is part of the journey! I find that I doubt myself even when I’m having a great month.

I’m always questioning if I made the right choice to start this journey. Working through the doubt is just a small step in the journey that never stops. Something that a great mentor of mine, Caitlin Pyle says a lot is, don’t wait for the doubt to go away because it won’t. I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.

There’s more truth to this than people may want to admit. When confronted with doubt, it’s not easy to work through it but you have to! When you look at your journey, realize that it’s yours alone. No one else (not even me) can tell you how to handle the doubt. I just offer advice on my continued experience.

I have a story to share. My new writing client wants me to take over some of his business soon. I’m thrilled! I’m also scared that I will let him down. It’s doubt. It has no place in my mind but it gets in. Working through that doubt has been tough. I know I can do it! I know I’m good enough. My client believes in me and I need to believe in me too! Long story short, when the time comes I plan on taking over what he needs me to do because he’s an amazing client.

In short, working through the doubt is a huge part of working in your jammies. Put yourself out there, work your passion and do it all in your jammies!

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Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

**There is an affiliate link at the bottom of this entry that may result in the writer being compensated for a purchase if one is made.**

Creating a comfortable work environment is a key to success if you work in your jammies. There are many things an entrepreneur can do when setting up their workspace. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding the right chair. Whatever you decided to do, make sure it’s comfortable for you and makes it easy to work.

Here are a few tips for creating a comfortable work environment:

  1. Use one room as your office.
  2. Close the door and minimize distractions.
  3. If you can, keep the kids occupied for a set timeframe.
  4. Set up your laptop or computer in a comfortable spot.
  5. Have soft music playing or the tv on if you wish.

These are just a few tips. Something else to keep in mind is that your work environment is just that, a workspace. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.

If you don’t try to set it up in a fun and enjoyable way, you won’t want to work there. It’s like being in a cubicle. We all decorate our office cubes to reflect our personality. If you don’t do that for your work at home environment, you’re going to be unhappy.

While working in your jammies is a fun way to work, considerations as to the environment must be taken into account. It’s important to not only be able to work in this environment comfortably, but also for potentially extended periods of time.

Here is a great desk I found on Amazon that would make any home office more comfortable

Here is a great article on setting up a great workspace.

There are always a variety of things to consider when creating a great work at home environment. These are just a few of those things. When you get ready to set up your work in jammies home office, do what’s comfortable for you while keeping it as professional as possible.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As we start a new year, I’ve been thinking about what happened this past year with my freelance business and starting this blog. I started freelancing in 2015 as a writer. About a  year later, I added Virtual Assisting to my offerings. It has been a great outlet for me to keep myself happy and earn extra cash. I love the fact that I can do this kind of work while sitting in jammies!

I started this blog back in September to expand my knowledge and share my passion for working from home. I’m happy to say that today is the first day (launch) of this blog. I hope to share some great things here with you. My plan is to have some interviews in the coming year, some freebies to give away, and just enjoy this amazing journey.

One of the biggest things I want to concentrate on in 2018 is giving great content. To do that, I want to hear from you! What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments. You can also email me at Don’t be shy 🙂

My passion for working in my jammies came out of many things this year. I took on a new job, left another one and decided I wanted to concentrate on this goal. When I look back on 2017, I see these changes and couldn’t be prouder of what I’ve accomplished. I’m looking to take 2018 by storm and want to help you all do that too. When you sign up for my newsletter, I will be giving a freebie that I created!

One of the big things I want to concentrate on with this blog is not only giving content to you, my readers but also, fun and actionable steps to take if you want to find ways to work in your jammies!

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Happy New Year!

Ways to Create Passive Income

There are many ways to create passive income. This type of income is great for people who want to work in their pajamas while earning cash. The word “passive” may make you think you won’t have to work for it. For the most part, this is true, but not initially.

So, what does passive income look like exactly? It can take many forms. Some people enjoy writing e-books. Other people like to create online courses on platforms like Udemy. Still, others like to create passive income by other creative means such as coming up with phone applications or investing in stocks or options. There are a wide variety of ways to create passive income. Here are just my top 3!

Ways to Create Passive Income

Writing E-Books

Writing E-books is a great way to create Passive Income. You can choose any topic that is of interest to you. I have written fiction before, and while this has not netted me millionaire status, it was fun. Simply pick a subject you want to write about or a topic you enjoy and start writing. Once you finish writing and editing your e-book, you can upload it to Amazon Kindle and begin earning money from your writing. Just market yourself on social media and it can begin generating sales. This is especially true if you have a great story or topic that people are interested in. One thing I want to caution you on. Don’t just write about the new “it” thing. Many people will do that. You want to make sure your book and topic has a unique perspective. It will make your book more marketable.

Heck, some people find it fun to write an e-book about a subject they are passionate about and then create a course around it. This brings me to my second way to create passive income.

Creating an Online Course

This is a fabulous way to create passive income and do so on a monthly basis. It works best when done with thought and care. After all, you’ll be selling a product which is also about selling yourself and your knowledge on a topic. You want it to be the best it can be. This can often mean more time and substantially more effort than writing an e-book. You may also do your first run of the course and realize you want to add more to it. Through programs like Udemy that I mentioned at the top of this post as well as other sites like teachable, you can create fun and engaging courses.

Something to keep in mind when going this route. Depending on who you choose to go through, there will most likely be a cost (usually monthly) to host your course. I believe Udemy gives this to you free but you also have to get it approved by them. Teachable allows you to create your course without approvals but it does cost. The minimum I saw was $39.00 per month. It may be steep, but if you price your course accordingly while keeping in mind the transaction fees they charge, you can recoup your monthly cost with just one sale. Obviously, you want to get more than that but I was using that as an example.

Using Apps to Make $

I’ve talked about this a bit in a previous post, but it bears repeating. There are TONS of apps out there for both Apple and Android users to generate passive income. From Inbox Dollars to Ibotta, you can use these apps to get money back on purchases and even get cash for doing things like shopping online. In fact, look for a post soon on E-Bates! Apps can also be installed on browsers to generate this passive income. Simply shop, take surveys, or use the browser extensions on websites to get cash back and make money. Again, this will not make you rich, but it’s a great way to get some pocket money.

Well, that’s it for this entry. These are just a few ways to create passive income. I haven’t scratched the surface of this topic. What I wanted to do was to give you all a general overview of where to potentially get started in this interesting and often fun subject.

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Proofreading for Profit

Proofreading for profit is another potentially great way to make money in your jammies! If you have amazing grammar skills and an eagle eye, this might be a great option for you.

When you think of proofreading, you may think of long documents. This may not be the case. Some documents can be very small while you can get other documents that may be a bit longer. It all depends on the client(s) that you work with.

Another great reason to look at proofreading from home is that it can give you serious flexibility as to when and where you work. The whole idea of working in your jammies is to be able to do it anywhere you want, right? Proofreading can allow you exactly this type of freedom!

You may be asking yourself how to break into proofreading for profit.

Ways to Break Into Proofreading

  1. Offering services to bloggers for free. This is a great way to build a client base and get experience.
  2. Take a course. Yes, there are courses that can teach you how to proofread really well. The gold standard seems to be Proofread Anywhere but check out other options as well for the best fit for you.
  3. Look into working for a school in their English Department. This may not be as easy but it could be a great idea!

Proofreading can be a very fun and rewarding if you’re looking for a legit work in jammies opportunity. It does take practice and you HAVE to know your grammar and have an amazing grasp of the English language. It’s frequently not easy. With the right client, however, you can make some good money depending on how quickly you proofread the documents you’re given.

Finally, proofreading for profit may be an ideal position for you if you have the grammatic skills and the discipline to read potentially large documents while providing the best work for your potential clients.

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A Review of Inbox Dollars

In this week’s entry, I’m going to do a review of Inbox Dollars. This site is an interesting one because it pays you to do all sorts of things. If you read an e-mail, you get paid. Get paid to watch videos? Yup, that too! You can make money doing things you already do and all while in your jammies!

So, what are some of the benefits of joining Inbox Dollars? Well, first off you get a $5 bonus just for joining. Talk about an easy bit of money, right?!

Other Benefits

  1. Getting paid to take surveys
  2. It’s free!
  3. Getting paid to do free trials
  4. Earning money for simply reading their emails as I stated before
  5. Earning money for referring your friends

Downsides of Inbox Dollars

There are some downsides to using Inbox Dollars. They range from taking a lot of time to reach the $30 threshold to having to sign up for paid offers to get paid. I’m not saying these are horrible things, but it makes this particular option tough. The downsides I’ve seen since using Inbox Dollars are:

  1. It can take a long time to reach the $30 payout threshold
  2. Paid e-mails are only worth .01 each.
  3. Paid offers often are trials so you have to make sure you cancel.
  4. The survey offers are decent but in the end, you may end up with a cluttered inbox which can be very frustrating.
  5. Once you get started, it can be tough to recruit friends to join you even though there’s a $5 sign up bonus

As you can see, the downsides are there but so are the benefits. It’s all going to depend on how you view the website and what offers you decide to do. Ask yourself how many companies do you want having your e-mail address. That could be a deal breaker. I would even encourage you to set up a dummy e-mail address just for this particular site.

In conclusion, I personally like Inbox Dollars but you are NOT going to get rich off of it. It’s important for me to say that. Just like anything else, it will take time. That’s not to say you cannot make a few bucks and have it go right into your bank account 🙂

Thank you for reading a review of Inbox Dollars! Click my link to get started. Happy earning!

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