March was Light

March was light for me. I did a few blog entries and didn’t have much to do. It’s okay though.

The start of the month was pretty good. I was able to get back to this amazing blog. Life got in the way a few times but I knew that was bound to happen. Work started to pick up as well. I did get a new client for my writing though! I even have been paid a couple of times!

So what does this mean for the month as a whole? I would say it wasn’t a bad month. It wasn’t a great month either. I do my best but sometimes, I feel like it’s not always enough. I have a wonderful content planner that I use to build this blog. I’ve been using it for a few months and I love it!


My income in March was about $100 which isn’t a lot but it helped me buy a new knitting machine. This was based on my Direct Sales money and freelance work.  As I said, March was light for me. I think it is because I didn’t try hard enough. As a combination worker, it’s tough to balance the scales. It makes affiliate income and other income a bit tougher to gain. At the end of the day, it’s a journey. I remember that each day. Thankfully, I also have an accountability partner in my friend Devon! We talk every day and keep each other going! Thank you, hon!

April is here and I have new entries ready to go! Look for a much better round out for this month! I have new goals and a new freelance client to earn from! Here’s to a wonderful spring!

For an answer on if we can do it all take a look at my previous entry