Where Are the Male Bloggers?

Where are the male bloggers?

The short answer is, there are many. The longer answer is, there aren’t enough blogging about working from home!

Blogging tends to be a female field. Men do blog but not about how to be successful at it from home. This is where male bloggers like myself come in. I love blogging about something fun and also about something you can make money with if you do it right.

Why Men Should Blog About Working in Jammies

  1. It’s begging for a male voice
  2. Men have amazing contributions that can work hand in hand with women
  3. Untapped revenue for men

Why Men Don’t Blog about Working in Jammies

  1. Fear
  2. Not being sure it’s for men to blog about
  3. Gender bias (unintentional)
  4. The mistaken belief that they have nothing to say

When it comes to male bloggers, it’s important to remember that there’s always something to say. The best thing about this niche of blogging (working from home) is that it’s something many people want to do. Also, blogging can give men a different voice and therefore, others a new perspective.

As a male blogger myself, I struggle with what to write about. Sometimes I feel like I may not have anything to say. At least, that’s what I used to think. Now I know I have a LOT to say and I want to say it, especially about working in my jammies!

That’s the goal of this blog. I want to show that men can blog about something that is usually dominated by women. Both genders have something to say on the subject and that’s a wonderful thing! So, where are the male bloggers? Easy! They’re right here and ready to share their wisdom.

Here’s my challenge to all the men who read this. Do you work from home? Write about it! You have a lot to say!

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