Working Through The Doubt

Working through the doubt.

That’s one of the toughest things to do when you want to work in your jammies. I’ve taken a month off of the blog simply because I needed to get my head around my own doubt. The thing is, guys, doubt is part of the journey! I find that I doubt myself even when I’m having a great month.

I’m always questioning if I made the right choice to start this journey. Working through the doubt is just a small step in the journey that never stops. Something that a great mentor of mine, Caitlin Pyle says a lot is, don’t wait for the doubt to go away because it won’t. I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.

There’s more truth to this than people may want to admit. When confronted with doubt, it’s not easy to work through it but you have to! When you look at your journey, realize that it’s yours alone. No one else (not even me) can tell you how to handle the doubt. I just offer advice on my continued experience.

I have a story to share. My new writing client wants me to take over some of his business soon. I’m thrilled! I’m also scared that I will let him down. It’s doubt. It has no place in my mind but it gets in. Working through that doubt has been tough. I know I can do it! I know I’m good enough. My client believes in me and I need to believe in me too! Long story short, when the time comes I plan on taking over what he needs me to do because he’s an amazing client.

In short, working through the doubt is a huge part of working in your jammies. Put yourself out there, work your passion and do it all in your jammies!

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